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How President Mnangagwa Ordered Army Guarding Mugabe Mansion to Leave Blue Roof

The Emmerson Mnangagwa led Zimbabwean Government has just pulled out soldiers guarding former President Robert Mugabe’s Blue Roof house in Harare after the later asked voters choose MDC Alliance in today’s elections.

The soldiers have been guarding Mugabe’s premises since November last year when he resigned.

Commenting on the knee jerk reaction from Mnangagwa, prof Jonathan Moyo said the country is under bad leadership:


“The sudden & arbitrary withdrawal of security details from President Mugabe’s residency after he said he is voting for #NelsonChamisa; not for his “tormentors” proves ZIMBABWE IS NOW UNDER ARBITRARY RULE. The same would not have happened had he said he is voting for Mnangagwa!” said Moyo.

Spokesperson of the National Patriotic Front Jealousy Mawarire said Mugabe’s house has been vandalised as troops left the premises:

“Bulbs, electricity switches & anything that made the house habitable was vandalised.The leader of the 9 soldiers dumped keys to the house at Pres Mugabe’s reception and told the receptionist they had been ordered off the premises caz of the presser.Only 2 police officers remain,” said Mawarire.


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