How Obama’s Half Brother, Malik Obama Embarrassed Him on Social Media

US President Barack Obama‘s brother went on an outburst spewing the piled anger he has against Mr Obama on social media.

Malik Obama lamented how President Obama had abandoned his family when he came into power stating: “Why has my brother abandoned us? Obama only loves himself. He does not love America or his family.”

Malik accused Obama’s wife Mitchelle of mistreating him when he visited them in America. He even went on to question their family ties adding that he would take a DNA test to make sure they were related.

“I wonder if he is even my brother. He was my best man. Michelle made me sleep in hotel. I will take a DNA test. Why doesn’t my brother take one too?” Malik challenged Obama.

In a different interview by The Post Malik disclosed that President Obama treated him as a stranger when he paid him a visit at the White House.


“I went to the White House to say hello. As usual, it was a hands-off kind of thing, very businesslike, very formal.” he was quoted.

Malik, who is a die hard supporter of Republican Presidential Candidate and businessman Donald Trump, noted that as President, his brother had disappointed America in tremendous ways.

“I’m sorry my brother could not be a great president. But trump will fix it!”

“Trump fights for the people. He is great man. I am sad that my brother is not the man Donald Trump is,” Malik added.

Malik continued to bash Obama for almost three hours on his twitter handle, attracting sharp criticism from the public.

Obama’s brother received an exclusive invite from MrTrump to be a guest at the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday night in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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