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How My White Grandparents Reacted When My Mum Married A Black Man – Biracial American TV Producer Narrates


A biracial American TV producer, while reacting to Meghan Markle’s claim of racism in royal family, narrated how her grandparents acted when her mum married a black man.


Monica Beletsky said her grandparents stopped talking to her mother and didn’t attend her parents’ wedding.


The first time they reached out to her mother was after she was born and they reached out to ask about the baby’s skin colour.


She shared her story to give credence to Meghan Markle’s claim that the Royal family were having conversations about how dark her son would be when she was pregnant with him.


She tweeted: “My white grandparents stopped speaking to my mom when she decided to marry a Black man & didn’t go to my parents’ wedding. 1st time they reached out was after my birth, my mom hoped it was w congrats & to ask if we were healthy. But they asked about my skin color. So she hung up.”




She added: “It’s more than skin color, it’s features, too. One relative made fun of the width of my son’s nose to my face the day I brought him home from the hospital and thought she was being cute.”



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