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How Many Black Female Computer Scientists Do You Know?

Successful Black female, what can sound more surprising in the world of IT mostly dominated by white men? Don’t make your conclusions too quickly!

Today, to honor Women’s History Month we are going to tell you about the Black female computer scientists who rock the tech world.

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You might have heard about Katherine G. Johnson etc. and their brilliant careers in NASA (if not, the great ‘Hidden Figures’ movie is what you need right now) or Marsha R. Williams, who was the first African-American to earn a doctorate in Computer Science… But what about nowadays?

The Root tells us inspiring stories of Tsion Behailu, Khalia Braswell, Bernadette A. Carter, Clennita Justice and others, who work in such IT giants as Apple and Google.


There are also lots of Black female activists running their own successful projects in the field of computer science.

And this list is constantly growing. There are lots of self-motivated Black women making IT careers every day. We are sorry we can’t call each of the them by name here, but we are sure they are deserve to be paid respect during this Women’s History Month.


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