How Hillary Clinton Lost US Presidential Election

The Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has conceded to the Republican Candidate Candidate at the just concluded US Election.

Here are few reasons why Clinton lost the battle to the American billionaire, Donald Trump according to CNN analysis:

1. Hillary Clinton just couldn’t hold onto the Obama coalition. And that proved to be a large part of her undoing.
2. African-American, Latino and younger voters failed to show up at the polls in sufficient numbers Tuesday to propel Clinton into the White House.
3. She lost even some states thought to be safely in her column, like Wisconsin. She trailed in others, like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

4. While she won the key demographic groups her campaign targeted, she underperformed President Obama across the board, even among women, according to exit poll data.


5. A slightly larger share of black and Latino voters cast ballots for Trump than supported Mitt Romney in 2012, despite Trump’s disparaging remarks on African-Americans, Mexicans and undocumented immigrants.

6. Clinton’s support among Latinos was even more tenuous, despite Trump pledging to build a wall on the Mexican border, accusing undocumented immigrants of being criminal aliens and promising to deport them.

7. Only 65% of Latinos backed her, while 29% cast their votes for Trump.


Source: CNN


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