How E-Learning can help boost the Nigerian / African Educational System

Statistics shows that Nigeria has been recording over 70% failure rate in the Secondary school certificate examinations over the years. To check this trend, the tech community in Nigeria believes that education can be improved in Nigeria through technology.

Babatunde Sobowale on Tech Trends on Channels Television  to talk on how E-learning can be used to improve the educational standard in Nigeria. He spoke on what is being done to achieve this, what has been done so far in this regards, what more needs to be done, what needs to be guard against and the roles students, teachers, government and content providers.

“E-learning is the trend and a ‘tsunami’ that is bound to happen…no one can stop it”- Babatunde Sobowale

On what efforts have been put in place now, he gave examples of the present situation where computer-Based Tests, CBT’s, are now conducted for the UTME/JAMB examinations to the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. He also maintained that many techies are already working towards bringing E-learning to bear on the Nigerian educational system.


What it will take for E- learning to work

Babatunde maintained that for E-learning to fully take root in the educational system of Nigeria, all the stakeholders which includes the government, students, teachers, service providers, etc, should play their roles well. The government, for instance, should create the curriculum while students should realize that E-learning will definitely aid their learning process.


He, however, warned that it is very easy for the students to get distracted with other online content. In this wise, teachers are required to set guidelines for the students and monitor what they do online. They are also to put the students through on how to use technology responsibly. Students need to understand that the inappropriate use of technology has its own consequences.

The content providers too should provide content, based on the Nigerian school curriculum and streamline the activities of the students online.

A very interesting point was made by Babatunde when he said that teachers need retraining in terms of IT awareness because the students they want to teach are even more aware the use of technology. This will assist the teachers to be on top of the situation when E- learning starts.

In the final analysis, he maintained that for E- learning to be effective, it has to be founded on good initiative, innovation and must be sustainable.

Babatunde Sobowale has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos and heads Projects, Orange Apple Technologies. His interview on Tech Trends can be watched here!


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