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How Diego Maradona was Paid Heavily to Attend Luxurious Prison Party with Most Wanted Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

Diego Maradona once met with the notorious criminal Pablo Escobar in a party held in his luxurious prison painted all over with beautiful women.

The prison La Catedral was specially built for Escobar and it had a football pitch because of his love for the game.

Players of the Colombian national team usually play exhibition matches on the beautiful pitch and Escobar thought of paying Maradona a huge amount to come and entertain him.


The world’s best player as at that time, Maradona, accepted the juicy offer having no idea of Escobar was until he left the following morning before knowing his identity.


“I was taken to a prison surrounded by thousands of guards,” Maradona recalled a few years ago, when asked about his meeting with Escobar.

“I said: ‘What the f**k is going on? Am I being arrested?!’ The place was like a luxury hotel.

“They said: ‘Diego, this is El Patron’. I didn’t read the newspaper or watch television, so I had no idea who he was

“We met in an office and he said he loved my game and that he identified with me, because, like him, I’d triumphed through poverty.”

But Maradona’s visit to Escobar’s prison-turned-luxury ranch was not just for football as there was a post-match party.

“We played the game and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“Later that evening, we had a party with the best girls I’ve ever seen in my life.

“And it was in a prison! I couldn’t believe it.

“The next morning, he paid me and said goodbye.”


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