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How Arkansas Police Shot And Killed 16-Year-Old Black Teen Who Was Playing With A BB Gun

On Tuesday, The Arkansas State Police shot and killed a 16-year-old Aries Clark outside of a homeless shelter.

According to KATV, police arrived at the East Arkansas Youth Services building around 7:08 p.m. after responding to a call from inside the shelter. It’s unclear why police were called to the shelter.

The facility director claims that Aries stayed at the facility once before, but wasn’t considered a current resident. Some sources claim he was a runaway.


It’s unclear if Clark was armed, but his cousin told reporters that “he held a BB gun in the air, and they just took him down on sight.” Armed, unarmed, or holding a BB gun, killing a 16-year-old without reason is never okay.

No one inside or outside of the shelter was harmed, so we’re left wondering what really happened. While most details are still up in the air, this situation reminds us of Tamir Rice. Clark was a minor messing around with a BB gun, so why did cops kill him on the scene instead of properly accessing the situation?

The Arkansas State Police will handle the investigation and then hand it over to state prosecutors. From there, the prosecutors will decide whether to file charges against the two unidentified officers who are now on paid administrative leave.


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