How Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells and How to Prepare It

Alkaline water has been the subject of much debate lately. According to nutritionists, it’s extremely beneficial for removing toxins from your body, improving metabolism and preventing cancer onset.

The importance of alkaline water is further justified with the fact that chronic acidity in the body is the main culprit for a number of serious diseases including cancer. What alkaline water does to your body is promote proper body function, thus reducing the risk of cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

When it comes to what alkaline water is, pure rain water is considered to be neutral with a pH value of 7. Values below 7 are considered acidic, and values over 7 are alkaline.



As far as the human body goes, it doesn’t have a uniform pH value because every tissue and organ has its own pH value.

What makes alkaline water good for you?

Drinking alkaline water on regular daily basis is extremely important for your overall health. Take for example the fact that water accounts for 80% of the human body, which means that any pH imbalance can hamper your proper body function.On the other hand, the standard American diet is extremely acidic. Although fried and fat-rich foods are really popular, they are actually the worst dietary choice you can make. Plus, alcohol, refined sugar and salt, caffeine, and processed foods also affect your body’s pH balance. When your pH balance is disturbed, it reflects on many aspects of your health – weakened immunity, frequent headaches, chronic fatigue and severe stomachache are just some of the most common symptoms that your body is acidic.

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