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How Africans Should Be Making Money Online


The concept is simple. Bring all Nubian people together.
Nubian Planet aims to be the largest official Black website online that
brings Nubian people together from around the world. Our own spot where
we can kick it on black controlled website and server. There is work to
be done. “First of all, black people have to be willing to spend less
time on other forms of media that don’t target the needs of Nubian
people,” says one of the head admins.

“We need to embrace each other and cooperate.”

Nubian Planet aims to do more than bring Nubian people together. But
anytime you bring people together, there has to be a game plan. On our
own system, we can control the contents of our own media. That’s how it
should be. Black people have never had any control over how the rest of
the world sees their image. This has always perpetuated the most racist
and bigoted views against them. Historically, the media has always been
against Nubian people. However, once Nubian people have control over the
image being portrayed about them, it ruins the complex supremacist
system of behavior that more than likely, damages the image of Nubian
It’s important that Black media sheds a new
light on African people all over the world and prevent certain
stereotypical behavior from becoming mainstream. The psychology, is that
when Black people are on white owned media, they tend to pick up the
negative thoughts and behavior that is against them. No good will come
from not being able to embrace each other on our own forms of media.
When you bring people together, you empower those people. You also
create opportunities and possibilities. Which is why Nubian Planet has
created a marketplace in their online community of Nubian people.
“This is for us,” says one of the administrators of the website. “A
completely owned and controlled Black Social Network is absolutely the
change that Black people have been waiting for. Our marketplace creates a
form of wealth that Black people have been desperately awaiting.”
Nubian marketplace has made it more easier than ever for African
Americans to market services and products to each other, directly off of
the website. You can purchase items such as books, audio and other
downloadable products. You can also sell services that you can provide,
on and offline. The greatest thing about the services is that Black
people are waking up by the flocks and understanding the need to support
Black wealth. So these products being offered online won’t have any
competition. “We are using our own resources to create wealth among each
other. Now that’s a beautiful thing!”


opportunities for wealth, their is instant messaging available and even
video chat so members can really get to know who they are corresponding
with. This keeps the site free of anyone not interested in promoting
unity among Nubian people. “We don’t want our platform being hijacked.”
administrator of the website also spoke out, “We need this website more
than we have ever needed a website before. People in poor countries can
offer useful services and products to people in wealthier countries and
use the site as platform to uplift their entire nation. This is
It’s clear that Black people need their own
Black Social Network, because for far too long, Black people have had
entirely no control over Black media. This means the views articulated
about Black people are not controlled by Black people. Malcolm X said it

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth.
They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty
innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the


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