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Hot Choc: 50 Cent’s Body Is Hot and Yummy


Do you want to test this?

50 cent We didn’t think so either.

50 cent is one rich guy who’s got his ahem… really hot hands on a lot of lucrative businesses and he is posing, half naked, with his you know what, being served steaming hot for you to er… see, admire and well, buy a pair.


The rapper, is wearing his own line FRIGO in these pictures and he is partnering with baller, Camelo Anthony, baseball champion, Derek Jeter and music producer, Timbaland on the project.

TMZ reports that 50 Cent would be the only one stripping and none of the other three guys mentioned would be shedding their clothes and we honestly aren’t complaining.

So if you want to buy, the undies come for a hundred dollars.

Don’t worry, guys, once you wear them, you become as hot as 50… we think.


Image: TMZ


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