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This Horrifying Video Shows Why You Should Never Fall Asleep on a Train (Watch)

If you’ve ever been one of those people that use their train commute to have a little nap, then this video might make you think twice.
And this passenger got a little more than he bargained for after drifting off to sleep on his way home from work.
The unidentified man was enjoying some time in probably in dreamland when he was joined by a huge rat, which scrambled all the way up his body and perched on the top of his head.
The 13-second clip appeared on Instagram alongside the caption: “3AM on the 7 train. MTA subways come equipped with cuddly rats.”
Antony Lin, who filmed the horrifying moment, told WNBC TV: “It’s just insane and disgusting overall to see that. I’ve seen it on the tracks and platform, but never inside the train.”
On his Instagram page, Antony told viewers that the man eventually woke up “screaming and ran into the next car fast as hell.”
Watch the video below:


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