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Horrifying Moment Lion Bites Keeper’s Throat and Drags Him on the Floor During a Performance (Video)

A lion keeper has met an bad fate during a circus performance after he was brutally attacked by the lion.
A man, 30 has escaped death after he was viciously attacked by a lion during a performance in front of hundreds of circus spectators, including children.
The keeper was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition at 5:10pm on Sunday. The incident happened in the middle of a Buffalo Circus show, in Doullens, northern France.
The man was “deeply wounded” by the lions “claws and fangs”, according to French news outlets.
The tamer had been working with his lions for several years, a circus representative said. Shocked spectators screamed in shock before a fire extinguisher is used on the animal for it to let go.
Watch video below:



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