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‘Homosexuality Not A Problem In The Gambia’:, Says President Barrow

Gambian President Adama Barrow is looking for money. And for that, he says he is ready to change the law of his country and adopt marriage for all. It was last Thursday at the Kairaba Beach Hotel that the Gambian President made the decision to respect the rights of homosexuals after the EU refused the Gambia 33 million euros in aid for the non-respect of human rights conditions and concerns about the targeting of the LGBT community.


“The days when the LGBT community was badly treated and thrown into prison are over. Homosexuality is no longer a problem in The Gambia, and there are economic and social issues that are more important, “said Adama Barrow.

Homosexuality is punishable by the Gambian law with a minimum sentence of 14 years in prison. Former President Yahya Jammeh said that homosexuality is anti-God, anti-human and anti-civilization. He even threatened to cut the throat to any vermin who dared to indulge in homosexual practices.


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