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Home of Biblical Ark of Covenant Found in Israel in New Discovery

Israeli religious archaeologists said they have found where the stone that held the Ark of Covenant sat more than 3,000 years ago.

The researchers who are from Tel Aviv University claimed they discovered the 3,100-year-old temple near the present town of Beit Shemesh, Daily Mail reports.

It should be noted that according to religious teachings, the Ark carried the 10 Commandments received by Moses on Mount Sinai.

The latest discovery also supported the Biblical fact that the Ark sat on a square table. Same researchers also said that the stone has a huge similarity with the one described in the first book of Samuel.

The archaeologists measured the place to get its exact feet and breadth. Photo source: Daily Mail

The archaeologists measured the place to get its exact feet and breadth. Photo source: Daily Mail
Source: UGC

At the site of the stone, there were also fragments of animal bone, pottery and cups, evidence that the place must have been a temple.


The historical place was 28 feet (8.5 meters) long on both sides and in a perfect square.

“When you look at the structure and its content, it’s very clear that this is not a standard domestic space but something special,” Professor Bunimovitz, one of the archaeologists said.

In the mid-12th century, the place was overrun by robbers and destroyed, leaving it covered in animal dung.

Shortly after that, in an act tagged as one of hostility by Zvi Lederman, the whole place was turned into a pen for animals.

Avraham Faust, a professor of archaeology at Bar-Ilan University, has however said that the importance of the stone is more in its traditional significance and not that it is existence.

Recently, people have come out with assertions that link to ancient Biblical times.

Earlier we reported that an elderly man in Busia county has left villagers stunned after he claimed to have spoken to God the Almighty who instructed him to build a cave ahead of end times.

Francis Ouma, now 73, also claimed Jesus deposited a copy of new commandments to replace the Mosaic law in one of the 24 rooms in the mysterious cave he began constructing in 1967.


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