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Hollywood Actor, Will Smith, In Egypt To Promote Tourism ‎

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will smith 013 e1488794829192

Famous US actor Will Smith landed in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday in what the actor said is his first visit to the country.

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Smith paid a visit to the iconic Giza Pyramids, accompanied by Ashraf Mohy, director of the Giza Pyramids area along with Former antiquities minister and renowned Egyptologist, Zahi Hawas.

“Smith was impressed with the Pharaoh’s legacy, and he stated that he was obsessed with it ever since he was a little kid and always dreamed of being an Egyptologist in order to discover the secrets of the Pharaohs,” said Ashraf Mohy, director of the Giza Pyramids

The celebrity will be visiting the national museum in central Cairo, before he embarks on a trip to Luxor and Aswan, to see the relics of Egypt’s ancient past.

Will Smith was seen taking an epic selfie with the mask of Ancient Egypt’s boy pharaoh Tutankhamun in photos published by Egypt’s tourism ministry official Walid al-Batouty showed Smith touring the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo

Egyptians cannot hide their excitement as local media reported of his visit and fans posted photos with the celebrity.

With nine of his family members, Smith listened to Hawas telling him about the secrets of the pyramids and the hidden legacy which is still being discovered according to the Daily News.

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