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History Made As African Hospital Performs First Ever Ground-Breaking Surgery!!

A first ever ground-breaking surgery has been performed by a Nigerian hospital. It was a case of an abdominal tumour that weighed 24kg. The surgery lasted 3 hours and the patient required 6 pints of blood transfusion

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A Nigerian hospital has performed a first ever ground-breaking surgery in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The surgery was a case of an abdominal tumour that weighed 24kg and it lasted 3 hours, with the patient requiring 6 pints of blood transfusion.

Kelina hospital performs ground-breaking surgery

The surgery was performed by Kelina Hospital, Gwarinpa, a pioneer hospital in minimal access surgery recognized by the Nigerian National Investment Promotion Council and the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

The hospital cates for people afraid of surgery and would prefer “key hole” or minimal access surgery.

These surgeries have the following advantages, amongst others:

1. There is less blood loss

2. The scar is so small, and sometimes there is no scar at all

3. There is less pain

4. There is early return to work.

5. Patient can very quickly return to normal life, including normal feeding

Meanwhile, some common signs of tumours or cancers in the body are:

1. A new swelling, which was not there before

2. Bleeding from any orifice of their body, which is not physiological

3. Difficulty breathing, swallowing, passing urine, or defaecating

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