Historic Trip Error: British Airways Flight Mistakenly Landed in Scotland Instead of Germany

A plane from the British Airways airline, which was to connect London to Dusseldorf, accidentally landed in Edinburgh, Scotland after the pilots received an incorrect flight plan, reports Edinburgh Evening News.

According to CNN, the trip error was due to an ill-established flight plan, which led the pilot and cabin crew to believe that the flight was bound for Edinburgh.


The incorrect flight plan was reportedly filed at the WDL Aviation office in Germany. But after landing in Edinburgh, the captain apologized to the passengers, telling them that the plane would refuel before heading to Germany.

After being refueled, the plane headed for Düsseldorf, where it landed more than three and a half hours late.

In a statement, a spokesman for British Airways said the airline was working with WDL Aviation “to establish why the wrong flight plan had been filed.”

“We apologized to customers for this trip interruption and will contact them individually,” said the spokesman.

WDL Aviation said in a statement: “We are working closely with the authorities to investigate the risks of confusion in the flight schedule. At no time has passenger safety been compromised. We took passengers on the BA3271 flight to Düsseldorf after the involuntary stopover in Edinburgh. “


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