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Historic: Air India Becomes The First Airline To Fly Around The World With An All-Female Crew

How do you leave a historical mark just days before to this year’s International Women’s Day? By being the first all-female crew to fly over the Pacific Ocean, that’s how!

Air India made history after they became the first airline to make the first round-the-world trip entirely staffed by an all-women crew.

On February 27, the Boeing 777 crew, traveled from New Delhi to San Francisco. Once in the U.S., they completed a mandatory rest period before heading back to India’s capitol.
Apart from having an all-female cabin crew and pilots, all the ground staff involved with the flight – safety auditors, engineers, bag handlers, customer service staff and air traffic controllers – were all women! How impressive, right?

And all the flight’s crew, from pilots to check-in and cabin crew, was female. A post by Air India on their Facebook page reports that even the engineers and air traffic controllers were female.



An Air India representative says the airline has applied for a Guinness World Record, ahead of a series of all-female fights scheduled to fly on March 8, International Women’s Day.

The flight represents a push for much-needed gender rights advancement for Indian women. Sexual abuse is a common occurrence in the country, and to help combat the issue, Air India has started offering female-only seats for domestic flights.


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