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Hillary Clinton’s Full Biography And Current Net Worth!!

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need much of an introduction, but in case you’re just waking up from a 10 year nap – Hillary is on the verge of becoming the first female President of the United States of America. If elected to office, she will also be the first politician to ever return to the White House. She’s already spent eight years there as First Lady, when Bill Clinton was president. Without getting ahead of ourselves, though – Hillary currently holds the position of US Secretary of State and has her name on the presidential ballot. Today, she has an estimated net worth of $45 million.

Before getting into just how Hillary made her small fortune, let’s take a look at her come up. She was born in Chicago, where she lived a relatively quiet life. She attended Wellesley College, and later Yale Law School – which was also where she met her now husband, Bill.

After tying the knot with Bill she continued to pursue her career in law. She was one of the co-founders of the Arkansas Advocates of Children and Families and later became the first female partner at Rose Law Firm. Just as her legal career was picking up steam, Bill Clinton was elected into office.

At this point, Hillary put her law firm dreams on hold and moved to the White House. As First Lady, she led a task force that helped reform Arkansas’ public schools, while also sitting on several corporate boards.

After her husband’s White House bid, she became interested in pursuing the position for herself. She ran for office in 2008, and although she got more delegates than any other female candidate before her, Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination. This time around, she’s giving everyone the run for their money, and at this point in time she’s strongly favoured for the presidency.



It should come as no surprise that there’s some serious money in politics, but Clinton “only” makes about $190,000 as the Secretary of State, which is just $12,000 higher than her previous position as a US Senator. Assuming that these numbers are accurate, where does Hillary’s $45 million net worth actually come from?

Well, for starters she has a lot of investments that are paying out regularly, but the majority of her wealth can be accounted for via book deals. She received an $8 million advance for her memoir in 2003, and close to $10 million for her next book. On top of that, she makes about $350,000 per speaking engagement, and her total income from speaking was more than $10 million in 2015 alone.

Next year she might be living in the White House, but for now she (and Bill) live on a $2.5 million estate in Chappaqua, New York. The home sits atop 1.1 acres of land, and is shielded from the public eye by lush greenery The five bedroom home was constructed in 1889, but it reeks of luxury to this day.

Also on the property is what looks like an ordinary barn, but the building was remodeled to act as a home base for the Secret Service personnel on active duty. A security team is provided to every president after their term is complete, otherwise Bill and Hillary would probably opt for a taller fence instead.

Although Hillary has more money than most of us would know what to do with, much of her spending remains private. What we do know, is that she spends a significant amount of money supporting causes that she is passionate about. Clinton’s donations can be traced back to a few dozen nonprofits, including Save the Children, US Doctors for Africa, Vital Voices, and others.


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