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Hillary Clinton Launches Hillary 2016 Campaign App

As the U.S. presidential race gets fiercer, the Clinton campaign launched Sunday the Hillary 2016 app. This app eliminates the need to go knocking door-to-door pushing flyers, and you can actually become a volunteer while lazing on your couch with a bag of chips.

The app built by former employees from DreamWorks Animation, Charity: Water and Livestream is currently available only on iOS with an Android version reportedly under construction.

The app is reportedly based around gaming concepts similar to the popular 2009 social network game Farmville. Volunteers can compete against each other with a chance to win both digital and real-world rewards. The real-world rewards reportedly include having something signed and sent to the volunteer by Clinton herself.

The apps description reads, “The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the presidency is us,” and encourages supporters to download the app before the National Democratic Convention ends Wednesday.


The app presents daily challenges a volunteer has to complete and also has quizzes that test a volunteer’s knowledge on the key issues of Clinton’s campaign. Users can also design their own “headquarters” and compete at the local, state and national levels to see who’s been working the hardest for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign.

The app’s launch follows another social media campaign by the Clinton campaign called “Trump Yourself.” This website takes the user’s Facebook profile photo and turns it into “insult art” allowing the user to pick from 15 Trump insults while giving the campaign access to the person’s email address and profile information.

The Hillary 2016 app, in fact, takes a leaf out of Bernie Sanders’ campaign app “Field the Bern,” which also eliminates the middle man in the volunteering process while allowing volunteers to work from wherever they may be without having to report to a field office.



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