Hilarious! 2016 Social Media Trends in Africa Too Funny to Forget

Here are some of the hilarious trends in Africa that rocked 2016 that are worth looking back at



This trend began when Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni made a roadside stop at Isingiro District in the Western Region of Uganda, to make a phone call. Museveni Stepped off his car, sat on chair on the road side to use his phone prompting Ugandans and soon after Africans to mimic him.

  1. #ifafricawasaschool

Africans took to social media to make fun of each other’s nation in a school setting, With at least 54 countries, Africa is home the second highest population across the globe with vast cultures, languages and icons.




A Cameroon government minister greeted the president ‘too respectfully’ that it became a national meme




Nigerians took to Twitter using the hashtag #NollyWoodWouldBeBetterIf, to suggest improvement of the film industry, some absolutely hilarious.

#WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood Kenyans on Twitter hilariously trolled Nigerian movies






The hashtag offered a witty critique of Africa’s diverse countries and politics.


Africans on Twitter gave extremely hilarious break-up lines



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