“He’s Become My Idol”: Rodrigo Duterte Honours Kim Jong-un After the Inter-Korean Summit

After calling him a “p *** maniac” who could cause a nuclear war, Rodrigo Duterte made a 180-degree turn for the North Korean leader. He now seems to bring him to the skies.

The rapprochement between Pyongyang and Seoul, which pledged to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and restore peace there, has had a dramatic effect on the aura of the North Korean leader. To the point that his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte began to incense after having spectacularly denigrated.

Quoted  by the Philippine media Philstar  on April 29, the Philippine president, who does not have the habit of watering down his words, has launched: “It became my idol.” Kim Jong-un parity countless qualities (” nice, kind, cheerful and very accommodating “), Rodrigo Duterte felt he was no less than a” hero for everyone “.


His enthusiasm over the North Korean leader did not stop there, since he also said that Kim Jong-un would be one day or the other “the man of the moment”. Detailing his attitude if he were to meet him, Rodrigo Duterte said: “I would say:” I admire you.You have the sense of timing. ”

Last August, however, in the middle of a crisis between Washington and Pyongyang, the Philippine president did not carry the North Korean leader in his heart. And had made it known in his own way: without half measure. He had thus accused him of being “a maniac of a son of p ***” which he thought could trigger a war. He advised not to trust “his plump face that looks nice.”


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