Heroic Malian ‘Spider man’, Mamadou Gassama Finally Meets the President of the Republic

Returned to Mali, Saturday, June 16, the one who is considered a hero around the world, Mamadou Gassama was received by the Malian president, Tuesday, June 19. He wanted to congratulate the hero.

Indeed, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta who had called Mamadou Gassama to return to Mali, received the hero this Tuesday, June 19th. ” There is a cultural habit with us. When we want to celebrate someone, say his name with force and repeat it: Gassama ”  , said the Malian president.

“At the moment when the courage of all was questioned, you could make the decision alone. We are very proud of this, “Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta added to Mamoudou Gassama, accompanied by his father.

 ” We talked well. He congratulated me for the job I did, ”  said the French firefighter to the Malian press. He also recalled that the Head of State had sent his support by calling the day of his exploit.


On May 26, a child was hanging on the balcony of a building in the north of Paris that Mamadou Gassama climbed to save the four-year-old child. The one nicknamed Spiderman on social networks has aroused the admiration of France and especially President Emmanuel Macron and the pride of Mali.

The next day, he was received by Emmanuel Macron who promised to grant him French nationality and allowed him to join the firefighters. He also received the Grand Vermeil medal from the City of Paris, highest distinction.


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