Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Over-depend on Microwaves

The microwave oven has made cooking a lot easier; thanks to the technology, we don’t have to spend ages in the kitchen preparing food.

You come home after a long day, bring out the food from the refrigerator and put into the microwave oven to heat up.

Voila! Food is served.

While this routine makes life easier, it becomes harmful to the health when it becomes a regular lifestyle.

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t over-rely on microwaves.

Cooks food unevenly

Beyond heating up meals, some cook their foods using microwave oven; little do we know that foods cooked with microwave are unevenly done.

Microwave oven contains magnetron which converts electricity into very short radio waves that vibrate at a high frequency.

What the power does is to get absorbed by water, fats, and sugar in the food, making those molecules vibrate very quickly and generates heat.

When this happens, the food temperature is not raised high enough to kill pathogenic bacteria and this is harmful to the health.

Reduces/destroys food nutrients                                                                        

Your sumptuous food which you prepared earlier can be stripped of its nutrients when you heat it up in the microwave.

The dielectric heating that microwave ovens give to foods cause them to lose their original nutrients.


As the food spins in the oven, so do the nutrients get absorbed by the heat produced.

The rotation in the water molecules creates a friction which heats up the food you put in the oven causing the molecular structure in the food to change.

This reduces the nutritional value of the food.

 Capable of changing your blood makeup

Microwave-heated food decreases the red blood cells, increases the white blood cells and equally increases the cholesterol levels.

This is as a result of the non-ionising radiation that comes with microwave heat; it is capable of changing the blood cells components.

Destroys breast milk

Research carried out in intensive care nurseries revealed that the ‘bacteria-fighting’ agents in breast milk are destroyed during microwave heating.

The research showed that breast milk heated at high temperature have greater E coli growth which is 18 more times than the unmicrowaved while the one heated at low temperature reduced lysozyme activity.

These are harmful to the growth of whichever baby takes the breast milk.

Causes chest pain/alter heart rate

Continuous consumption of foods heated in microwave oven can affect the heart rate which could result in pain in the chest or irregular heartbeat.

This is because of the levels of radiation that emits from the microwave and perch on the food.

The radiation doesn’t leave the body in good shape but rather produces harmful effects on the body.


Written by How Africa

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