Here’s Why You Should Not Sleep With the Fan On

The fan … this electrical appliance manufactured to distribute air artificially has become indispensable for the human being. In the absence of being able to buy an air conditioner, the majority of people live with fans under their roof.

And in times of heat, it accompanies our sleep during the night. But according to specialists, this is very dangerous for health.

Here are some reasons why it is not recommended to sleep with a fan on.

1-The fan raises pollen and dust

If you make the remark by waking up in the morning in general, you have a stuffy nose. This is because the running fan raises pollen and dust in the room where you sleep.


2- It causes sinusitis

Sleeping with a fan turned on could affect your nasal sinuses by drying them out and causing sinusitis and even allergies.

3- It triggers the flow of air

When you turn on the fan, it triggers a draft to make your sleep easier. But beware, this same current produces aches and pains to your body just because the air flow has passed several times in the same place.

4- It causes respiratory disorders

When you usually sleep, the air that the fan distributes raises pollen and dust to lodge them in the sinus. It causes respiratory problems.

5- It dries the skin and the eyes

When your skin is exposed to the air for a long time, it dries up. So sleeping all night under a fan accelerates the drying process of your skin. It’s the same for the eyes.


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