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Here’s Why You Should Never Joke With Your Breakfast Every Day – Nutritionist

Nutritionists say that you have to eat in the morning, at noon and in the evening, it is vital for our health. But how many of us respect this basic rule essential to the growth of our organism? Most prefer to limit themselves to swallowing a fruit juice or nibbling a piece of bread because they are in too much of a hurry or lazy. It is true that time sometimes plays against us but we learn to have breakfast every day to feel these things:

1- The good mood
An African saying “hungry belly has no ear”. Literal translation, when one is hungry it is as if time stopped turning, the nervous system no longer responds to anything and anger takes over for a yes or no. To avoid mood swings every morning, doctors advise you to eat fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods as well as protein (egg, meat) for breakfast.



2- Weight loss
There are people who are champions in nibbling. But this is formally discouraged because of weight gain. But if eating properly in the morning, it avoids eating between meals, allowing your metabolism to work properly and burn fat faster if you follow a diet.

3- Endurance
If you do not believe try for yourself. Taking breakfast daily allows the body to improve your health by making you more enduring sexually, morally and physically.

4- Develop your memory
To avoid having a rooster memory, give your body the calories it needs to help your memory become stronger. And this is possible thanks to the proteins and sugar found in foods taken at breakfast.

5-Strengthen family ties
Having breakfast with parents, friends or children is a moment of pleasant intimacy. This moment allows everyone to get closer to each other. And it’s always a pleasure to start the day with the people we love.


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