Here’s Why the Queen Uses Two Signatures And How They’re Both Very Different (Photos)

Queen Elizabeth II is undoubtedly one of the most photographed women in the world, but Her Majesty is also a bit mysterious.

According to several sources, she would live according to her mother’s motto, “Never complain, never give an explanation”.

Even his signatures reflect his dual personality.

While ordinary people have only one signature, the Queen has two completely different ones.

When the Queen is in “work” mode, that is when she signs official documents or guestbooks during her state visits, she signs under the name “Elizabeth R”, “R” meaning Regina (queen in Latin).


However, when she does not do her homework, she signs as “Lilibet”, her little name.

The only ones who can benefit from this more personal way of signing matches are family and friends.

“In a letter written to her grandmother, Queen Mary, she wrote:” Dear grandmother. Thank you very much for this beautiful doll house. I really like it and I unpacked the dining room and the lobby. Full of love, Lilibet xxx “.

But the Queen does not sign only on paper. During her recent visit to the Science Museum, she shared her first Instagram post and signed it as Elizabeth R.

Photo credit: hellomagazine


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