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Here’s Why Parents Should Avoid Sleeping in the Same Bed as their Babies, According to a Doctor

Dr. Olufunmilayo, a Nigerian doctor and influencer on social media, warned new parents to NEVER sleep in the same bed as their baby, saying it causes sudden infant death, head injuries and falls. .

Read his tweets below .. …

“As a new mom / dad:

NEVER sleep in the same bed as baby.

NEVER lay the baby on his chest.

NEVER smoke around baby.

NEVER overwrap the baby. “

“These actions cause sudden death in infants and children under one year of age.

Please, do not blame your mother-in-law. Or the people of the village.

Some people also say that adults sometimes wiggle a lot during their sleep, which could cause the baby to fall from the bed / couch, but parents do not know it. The baby could be injured in the head and die.

A baby should sleep on his back in his own crib or in a secure Moses basket.

That’s all.


In addition, putting a baby face down could result in suffocation and difficulty breathing, which could easily lead to death – if this position were to last a long time, such as an entire night of 10 to 12 hours, for example. Again, all babies should be lying in their own cradle, on their backs.

Because sleeping on the chest can cause breathing difficulties when the nose is against the mattress. Spending a whole night in this position can kill them before the morning.

Smoking (or smoking) around a baby is very dangerous. A baby’s lungs are still immature and inhaling second-hand smoke can easily cause suffocation, very serious damage and serious chest infections, such as pneumonia, which can be life-threatening and kill the baby .

It is dangerous to over-cover a baby, because if the packaging is too tight, it is difficult for the baby to move. Now, if the baby is already against the floor and is already choking, the inability to turn his head and move to breathe will cause the baby’s death.

Wrap a baby. But do not overdo it.

Finally, as a new parent / guardian, follow these tips: Keep your baby away from smokers or places where there is smoke, away from people kissing / licking babies at random, away from overzealous people wrap and unsafe practices. “


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