Here’s Why Meghan Markle Has to Stop Closing Her Car Door Herself

Meghan Markle is renowned for its particularity. Among the Queen’s beautiful daughters, the Duchess of Sussex is the one who does things as she sometimes sees fit.

Whether on the dress or other side, Meghan has very often broken the rules of the palace. But here is another habit that she is asked to leave for reasons that she must consider.

Last September, Meghan Markle shocked many royal experts by closing the door of her car when she arrived at the Royal Academy of Arts in London to open a new exhibition.

A habit that would not have been recommended for the protocol, but for security reasons. Now it’s not about protecting one but two life, her baby and her.


Security officials reportedly asked Prince Harry’s wife not to close the door after stepping out of her vehicle to avoid exposing herself to terrorist attacks.

According to the tabloid, the vehicles used by the royal family are equipped with an automatic locking system and in the case of an attack, the duchess could not go up quickly enough in her car to take shelter.

“Meghan and Harry like to meet the public as much as possible and get in touch with the crowd coming to see them,” said a source. And even if closing the door of a car seems like a trivial thing, it can make the difference (…). Safety must be able to get them back into the car in seconds if needed. If the doors are closed and locked, it’s impossible. “


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