Here’s Why Meghan and Harry Will Not Have Sole Custody of their Future Children

Thanks to Harry and Meghan, you do not have to be a member of the royal family to understand how they work. The latest, according to the British media when Meghan and Prince Harry will be parents, they will not have sole custody of their children.

Weird! but fortunately everything has an explanation.

A rumor circulates about the arrival of another grandson or another little girl in the royal palace. If the rumors are true and the couple is betting on the date and the first name of the future baby, other specialists comment on the future of this royal baby.

This is the case, for example, of Marlene Koenig who recently confided a funny anecdote to the magazine ” Elle ”. According to the author, Elizabeth II will also have custody of Prince Harry’s future children: “The ruler has legal custody of minor grandchildren,” she said.


This tradition was established at the time of George I, King of Great Britain from August 1, 1714 until 1727. And since then, nothing seems to have been changed: “he established this habit because he had a very bad relationship with his son, King George II, so they passed this law for the king to be the guardian of his grandchildren, “continued Marlene Koenig.

According to the specialist, at the death of His Majesty, the legal custody of the children of the royal family, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and little Louis, for example, will return to their grandfather, Prince Charles.

For now the whole world is waiting for the grace of being mother again to touch the Duchess of Sussex.


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