Here’s Why It’s Bad to Drink Coffee Every Morning – Research

It’s almost become a ritual for many people. When you wake up after taking a shower, you have to take coffee before leaving the house. Some take it full-bodied, others with a piece of sugar if not with milk. Unfortunately or luckily you must stop this practice.

Why ? Because according to research, having coffee in the morning is not very good for your health

Coffee is composed of many chemical ingredients, molecules and other constituents that are: Water, carbohydrates, fatty substances, proteins, alkaloids, trigonelline, minerals, aromatic substances and cortisol.

Cup of hot coffee about the ferry

We are particularly interested in cortisol.

In the early morning, the hormones in our body release cortisol, which gives us energy and adrenaline.

As soon as the man wakes up, the cortisol begins to rise by 50%. You see where we want to go: coffee with the same properties as cortisol, combine the two is not healthy. The effect of morning coffee is therefore rendered useless by cortisol.

Referring to the explanation above, it is not necessary to drink coffee. On the other hand if you really care, it is advisable to do it at these times: from 8 to 9h, from 12 to 13h and from 17 to 18h30, approximately.

NB: Recommended coffee consumption per day is three cups maximum. It’s up to you to change your habits!


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