Here’s Why Every African Should Strive to Own a Home

It is the dream of every African to abandon paying rent and have their own home at some point of their life. The advantages of having your own home undoubtedly supersede those of staying in a rental house.

1. Comfort

Having your own home allows you the freedom to comfortably design your house to suit your specific needs. Unlike rentals where the house is built according to the landlord’s specifications, owning a home gives you the rare opportunity to incorporate your taste and creativity in your space.

2. Sense of Belonging

Owning a home in a particular area prompts one to be actively involved in the affairs and development of the locality.

Unlike while living in a rental house, where you can relocate at any given point, having a home makes individuals curious to know what is happening with the schools, roads and shopping centres in their area.


This sense of belonging makes one bring change in their locale for the advantage of the whole society.

3. Stability

Families which own their own homes tend to be more stable in various aspects of life. First and foremost, homeowners are able to balance their finances more effectively and channel them to profit-making projects, a reality that can be quite difficult for those who have to pay rent.

Children from these families also tend not to worry about changing schools and having to make new friends all over again because theirs is a permanent home.

4. Convenience

The convenience which comes with knowing that you do not have to pay rent at the end of the month will definitely lure any person into striving to own their own space. No landlord or caretaker will ever be at your neck demanding money or fining you for late payment.


Written by How Africa

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