Here’s Who Should Pay For The First Date And Why

Though the first date is special, there is some awkwardness that comes with it also. There is that bill that needs to be settled by one of the two parties. Being generous, especially to someone you care about, is an incredible feeling. The question of who should pay for the meal on a first date is one many ask.

In most cases, men often reach out to settle the bill. this is because masculine energy only has two gifts to offer the feminine. Simply put, it’s his job to protect and provide. In order for feminine energy to relax into a relationship and let her guard down, she absolutely must feel safe and if she doesn’t, it’s game over.


In order to feel safe, she probably has to be in the company of a man who is confident, relaxed and grounded. He has to not only take care of himself, but also take care of her. This means she has to feel protected and safe in his company. She also needs to feel like he can provide for her needs and look after her. Obviously, the easiest and most symbolic way to demonstrate that is by providing the meal you are sharing.

If a man’s responsibility is to protect and provide, the gift of the woman is her ability to nurture and have her man’s back. Simply put, a man is looking for a woman who will gratefully receive his gifts and appreciate his generosity. The fact is, a man can be with anyone else at any given time and when he invests his time, talent and treasure with a woman, he simply wants it to be acknowledged.


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