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Here’s What Your Fist Says About Your Personality

We all must have played stone, paper and scissors a ton times since our childhood but have you ever noticed the type of fist which you used to make while choosing stone for your turn or while clenching your fist while you were angry? Or have you ever thought what does that fist reveals about you and your personality? No, then start thinking now. Here we have mentioned the types of the fist with their significance so check yours:

Generally, society sees these type of personalities as the one who is sensitive, possess high imaginary power, generous, impatient, curious but having a good sense of humour. But actually, these types of people are strong, driven, protective and mature enough to sense the good and bad for them. If these type of people are in love then they can be shy, desire for special treatment and are caring in nature.


Observing these types of personalities from a society point of view can result in creative, talented, friendly, clever, confident and the one who possess leadership qualities. But in reality, these type of people are outgoing, self-assured and honest. They need praise and attention. They are also self-motivated and are satisfied with what they have. If these type of people are in love they will definitely try to pretend just reverse of what they are.

The perception of society for these type of people is generally intelligent, adventurous, good at communicating, cautious and expressive. But the real face of them is, they are kind, emotional and introspective. They are generally that kind of people who don’t desire for a big, fancy squad for flaunting, they just need some handful amount of qualitative friends with them.


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