Here’s What Your Feet Have to Tell About Your Personality

Anthropometry is a study of science which deals with the measurements of the human body such as size, weight etc. and is a comparative study. Several physical factors of the human body and the change in them are associated with the working of the human genome. It has been proved that certain traits shown by an individual are due to the heredity which has been transferred into his family from several generations. For instance, the members of the Basque family of Spain comprises no fingerprints. Based on the above facts, let’s discuss one special part of our body i.e. our feet and what does it tell about the personality of an individual.

1) If Pinky toe (the fifth toe) is very small
Such people have an excellent sense of humour, childish behaviour and enjoy their innocence enjoyment.


2) The second toe is larger than the first toe
Such people possess excellent leadership qualities and take active control in their work, play and family affairs. Many ancient great or successful leaders possess such kind of toe. Botticelli’s Venus, the bronze sculpture of the Boxer at Restand, the marble Diana of Versailles, & the Barberini Faun are all portrayed with second toes larger than first one.

3) Third toe’s joint is angled
Secret agents or detectives are the one’s who usually possess such toe shape. You possess an ability to pretend yourself in front of others.

4) Left foot’s second toe is been supported with the first toe
You are wistful or nostalgic and can be emotionally down easily related to people, things or events.

5) Inclined Pinky Toe
You possess a restless personality and undergo a constant change. Such people may not express, speak or dress like their nobles because you have a conservative behaviour.


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