Here’s What Your Body Language Reveals About You

As many of us are aware of the fact that our body language sometimes plays an important and highly significant role in representing ourselves in public. It reflects our physical personality, expresses our emotions and helps in maintaining a healthy communication with others. It is necessary to improve our body language if we wish to present ourselves in a much sophisticated and professional way. For that, it is essential to know which of our body reveals what fact about us. Here is a detailed list just have a look:

1) Pupil
Change in pupil size can vary due to different reasons. One of the major reasons behind it is that while having a strong interaction with someone, it widens as compared to its actual size which indicates your interest in the person with whom you are interacting.

2) Intense Eye Contact
A normal eye contact represents loyalty and honesty of that person while the reverse of it represents immortality. While maintaining intense eye contact with someone is also the same i.e. trying to trap the other person in your web of lies.
3) Rolling Eyes
Continuous rolling your eyes in some other direction instead of maintaining a regular eye contact directly signifies your disinterest in the present topic or the person whom you are interacting.

4) Faking your smile
This is one of the most common gestures which an individual uses to hide their disinterest or your inferiority. But do you know the fact that fake smiles can be easily recognized? So always try to avoid it.


5) Crossed arms and legs
This body posture represents that you are absent-minded and are not interested n having a conversation with other people.

6) Shrugging your shoulder
Shrugging shoulders is a sign of weakness and self-doubts. It also represents low self-esteem and low confidence which means that you are mentally weak.

7) Our body posture
A human comprises of several body postures varying depending upon diverse situations. These postures clearly indicates our physical personality. One must always maintain a good posture to reflect their confidence and state of mind.

8) Biting of lip
Biting of lips may seem to be sensual or flirty but it also denotes anxiety and the level of depression.


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