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Here’s What The Length Of Your Thumb Reveals About Your Personality and Relationship

Here is a new approach to knowing more facts about you and your overall personality with the help of your thumb size. As we all are aware of the fact that the size of the thumb varies from person to person and also the separating lines present on it due to which the thumb is separated into two half i.e. the upper and lower half. The ratio of these two represents the personality and relationship facts. Have a look-


1) First half is longer than Second Half
These people are loyal and passionate. In a true relationship you are very obsessive and due to this, you can bear the loss in your studies and work. You can easily freak out if you haven’t heard a single word from your partner. Due to your over-possessiveness, your relationship can be end-up soon by your partner.2) First half and Second Half are Equal
You are a good in making strategic plans for every task and executing them effectively. This can lower your workload and can lessen your difficulties which can help you in attaining the desired goals. These people are tranquil and peaceful in every situation. You are the same person in terms of your relationship too. You are an impartial person in case of evaluating your partner’s emotions. This leads towards a complicated relationship.

3) First half is smaller than the Second Half
Such people are loyal and reliable. They have the good observing capability. These people always think twice before taking any action. In case of a situation where you have a crush on someone, you can easily confine your emotions.


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