Here’s What The Colour Of Your Nail Paint Reveals About Your Personality

We love to explore something new about us using various methodology along with Palmistry. There are several methods such as observing the kind of fist, nail size, size of hands, fingers, toes etc. and many more. One of the most trending approach these days is by observing the colour of your nail paint. It is believed that a girl usually uses her favourite colour nail paint frequently. So this approach can help in revealing a lot about your mysterious personality. Have a look and select which one is your favourite colour and what does it has to say about you-

1) Pink
As the pink colour usually represents a feminine character, hence those people who use this colour nail paint are girly.

2) Orange
You are that kind of person who is always ready to take risk and hope for the bright and positive phase of life. You are practical with better realistic abilities.
3) Purple
These type of ladies are creative and imaginative and are highly ambitious.

4) Grey
Such people are deprived of emotions and feelings. It also symbolizes de-attachment and cravings.

5) Blue
It represents honesty, trustworthy behaviour, stability and confident personality.

6) Yellow
Yellow is the colour of joy. It symbolizes happiness, warmth and cheerful behaviour.

7) Red
It is the colour of love which represents passion and intimacy.

8) White
This colour simply represents peace and purity. Such people are born-perfectionists.


9) Black
Such people are mysterious and hide a lot of secrets. They have a complex or complicated life.

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10) Brown
Those whose favourite colour nail paint is brown are usually down to earth and vegetarian.

11) Green
It represents regeneration and nature. Such people are nature-lover, kind with a pure heart but can be dominant in some situation.

12) Nude
It reveals that these people are independent and born-intelligent. They are easily approachable.

13) Silver
Such people are spiritual and mystical. Your friends are completely dependent upon you and you are also the one who never breaks their trust.

14) Gold
Such women always desire for wealth and success in the corporate world.


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