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Here’s What The Mother Of Model Assaulted By Grace Mugabe Has To Say: “I’m unhappy over immunity bid”

The mother of the 20-year-old model Gabriella Engels, who was reportedly battered on Sunday by Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe in a hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, is unhappy over the play of diplomatic immunity card.

Debbie Engels told local media that she will pursue the case until a warrant is issued for the arrest of Mrs Mugabe.

“We won’t drop the charges against Grace Mugabe. We are frustrated and furious about the police’s handling of the matter,” local media portal News24 reported.

South African police confirmed on Wednesday that Grace Mugabe was still in the country after a Zimbabwean government official said on Tuesday that she had returned to home.

We won’t drop the charges against Grace Mugabe. We are frustrated and furious about the police’s handling of the matter.

According to an earlier statement on Tuesday by South Africa’s police minister Fikile Mbalula, Grace Mugabe handed herself over to the police and will be charged with assault. This was later dismissed.

Grace Mugabe failed to report herself to the police after the victim reported the alleged assault, the police said, adding that “Grace Mugabe wishes to invoke the diplomatic immunity cover”.

The 20-year-old victim of the alleged assault, Gabriella Engels, posted a picture of her injuries on Twitter on Monday evening saying she was beat up with her two friends in the hotel room after one of Mugabe’s sons ran away and the other was taken out of the room.

“Rob jnr was put out of the hotel room and Bellermine ran away. My two friends and I were beat up in a room with 10+ men leaving her to do it,” she tweeted with references to Mrs Mugabe’s bodyguards.

“She split my head open in 3 places. With an extension cord and used the plug to hit me,” she explained with a picture showing a deep cut on her forehead.

While Gabriella was tweeting the version of her story, Mugabe’s party Zanu-PF posted her picture saying she attacked the first lady.

“We can confirm if this is one of the perpetrators who attacked comrade Grace Mugabe. Be careful comrades,” they tweeted.

Mugabe’s sons, Robert Peter Mugabe Jr and Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe are well-known for throwing parties and living in luxury apartments.

They were thrown out of their apartment in Dubai and also evicted from a Johannesburg apartment for several disturbances including an alleged brawl.

They study at the University of Johannesburg.

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