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Here’s What Hungarian PM Has to Say About Rescued Migrants Who Have Been Residing in Hungary

In an interview with German tabloid Bild, the Hungarian Prime Minister has heavily criticised the EU’s migration policy.

“If we want to save lives we must stop people at the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea to prevent them from setting off on their hopeless journey,” Orban said.

The Hungarian Prime Minister told the German tabloid: “Every single migrant who has been rescued must return to Africa. This is the only way to prevent a great number of deaths occurring at sea.”


On Saturday Orban said at his annual speech in Baile Tusnad in Romania that “The European elite is visibly nervous.

“Their big goal to transform Europe, to ship it into a post-Christian era, and into an era when nations disappear. This process could be undermined in the European elections and it is our elementary interest to stop this transformation.”

“We are facing a big moment. We are saying goodbye not simply to liberal democracy (…) but to the 1968 elite,” he said, referring to the liberal left that ended the domination of conservatism in several countries.

Source: VOE


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