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Here’s Vijay, A 44 Year Old Who Prefers The Company Of Cows To Humans, Abandoned Family For Them


Vijay Parsana, 44, is so fixated on his dairy animals he washes, eats, sits in front of the TV and offers his bed with them. He even beverages their pee and fertilizer.

Asserting it’s useful for his wellbeing. also, that he once survived going on for 22 days on dairy animals’ pee alone.

The father of two left his family five years back and began living in a religious withdraw, around four miles far from his home in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India, to invest his time with his cows.

Earlier this year he spent £20,000 on a wedding for two of his herd, and unbelievably his family appear to be fully behind his new life.

When Vijay first moved to Ahmedabad he fell into gambling but when he started spending time with his cows he changed.


Vijay also owns two bulls, six dogs and more than 2,000 other animals including peacocks, rabbits, birds and snakes but he says that his three cows – Radha, Poonam and Saraswati – hold a special place in his heart.

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