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Here’s the Prison Sentence the Father of the Child Saved by Mamoudou Gassama Could be Risking

The father of the child saved by Mamoudou Gassama, Saturday in Paris, will appear in September before the Criminal Court. This man born in 1981, without a criminal record, had been placed in custody for leaving his child alone unattended in the family apartment.

For one week, the distinctions are multiplying for Mamoudou Gassama, the young Malian who saved a child May 26 in Paris. The latest is the Grand Vermeil Medal of the City of Paris which was awarded by Mayor Anne Hidalgo Monday.

“Really I’m happy: my life has changed because everyone takes pictures with me … they call me heroes. Everyone calls me a hero but I consider myself everyone because someone else can do what I did, “says Mamoudou Gassama.

Presented at the Paris public prosecutor’s office, the father of the child is summoned on September 25 before the criminal court. He is liable to a two-year prison sentence and a 30,000 euro fine for “evading a parental obligation.


Interviewed on BFMTV, the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris François Molins returned on the rescue of the child hanging on a balcony. In particular, he detailed what the father of the little boy is at risk. He congratulates Mamoudou Gassama, the young man who saved the life of a child dangerously hanging on a balcony Sunday. He returned to this case explaining including the sentence incurred by the father of the child of 4 years, who had left alone. According to the information of François Molins, the man lives alone with his son, the mother being in Reunion.

The father “had gone shopping but was slow to return”, especially because he “has been thinking of playing Pokémon Go,” said François Molins. The prosecutor welcomed the happy ending of the story before pointing out that the father was facing a two-year prison sentence.

The father incurs him, two years in prison, under Article 227-17 of the Penal Code which punishes the removal of parental obligations. It reads as follows: “The fact that the father or the mother has evaded, without lawful reason, her legal obligations to the point of compromising the health, safety, morality or education of her minor child is punished by two years’ imprisonment and a 30,000 euro fine. 


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