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Here’s The Didier Drogba’s Unusual Pair Of Shoes That Is Causing ‘Buzz’ Online

Indeed, the former OM player is wearing a pair of shoes whose popularity is well known in Cameroon. On the feet of ordinary civilians, it would have no effect. But when, it is the Ivorian star who wears it, it is quite another story.

Commonly called “Matanga” or “chaka” or “Dschang shoes”, this shoe is one of the most beloved by some footballers. Samuel Eto’o, Eric Djemba, or Cameroonian artists like Ekambi Brillant, have worn this light shoe, plastic laces, which is almost used by everyone, especially during the rainy season.

Obviously, the ex-captain of the Elephants is no exception. To break the trend and get out of the clichés according to which, the big stars put only the pairs of shoes very luxurious and expensive, him, he decided to put a shoe which is worth only 1000 Fcfa in Cameroon.



For some fans, it demonstrates the simplicity and humility of the man. Despite his greatness, his charisma as a great footballer, Didider Drogba remains simple and humble. He demonstrates this by agreeing to wear a pair of shoes within reach of the smallest wallet.

An attitude of Didier Drogba that has delighted more than one fan on the web, but that can be easily understood. Didier Drogba demonstrates through this choice, that despite the glory and the honors, he remains a man like all the others, and he can also like the most ordinary things.

In one of our recent publications, we said that this shoe is sold by Gucci, at nearly 400 Euros, so more than 250 000 F CFA, yet in Cameroon it costs only 1000 F CFA


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