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Here’s The Country, Where No Matter How Beautiful A Woman Is, Riding Bicycles Is Her Only Chance At Marriage

Ladies in Rwanda are not only of American stature, they are wonderful and almost the prettiest  Actually Eritrea and Ethiopia know this. Once in a while, they gaze at her from the far North East ukipenda ” kwa ubariiiii”

Men from East Africa have completely grasped East Africa people group, because of the excellence here!

While everybody has distinctive criteria of picking their life accomplices, diverse societies have acknowledged a few styles as respectable.

Sometimes it’s the physique, the class,the way they dress or their background.

In Southern District of Bugesera in Rwanda men do not look at face beauty or behavior when choosing a woman to marry. The thing that they are attracted to is whether a woman is able to ride a bicycle or not.

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According to local website, this does not happen anywhere else in the country. Early in 2016, in a feature done by a local paper, the writer in an article titled Why Bugesera Women Prefer the Bicycle for a Surprise Gift, sent the message home with his encounter in the area.

Women in the area, he observed had shut down stereotypes and had gone full scale on bicycle riding to pick vegetables from market and drop their children in school.


The local authorities, the news outlet reported have supported the idea and promote training for young girls to improve their chances of getting married.

Indeed different cultures have handled courtship diversely. But this in Rwanda has gone viral and since the locals have submitted to it. I guess its their culture and it’s keeping their ladies married


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