Here’s President Emmanuel Macron’s Gift to Meghan and Harry

Among the guests present at the wedding of the grandson of the Queen of England were French President Emmanuel Macron.

The youngest president of France wanted to stand out from the others. He offered the couple a very symbolic object.

According to L ‘ Express UK , Macron sent the married couple a custom made piece by ST Dupont, a French company specializing in the design of luxury accessories.

And to adapt his gift to the British territory, he would have asked that we take inspiration from the collection 007 dedicated to James Bond to customize his shipment.

A hopeful attention will touch the heart of the bride and groom.

Since their wedding on May 19 in the historic Windsor Town Chapel, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been at the center of attention.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are subject to discussion for everything.

The bride and groom always have sparkling eyes when they see a guest arrive with a present to honor them. But that was not the case for Harry and his wife

For their big day, the bride and groom did not want to receive gifts from their guests. This is understandable to the extent that it will not serve them much.

On the contrary, they wanted the gifts to be for charitable works. A request that all 600 guests did not perform at the foot and to the letter.

Some have done well to the heroes of the day. The Prime Minister of the Far North, donated the equivalent of 33,000 euros to an organization that takes care of the education of young people.

Others hastened to bring a memory of them to the couple despite the insistence of not wanting to receive anything.

Harry and his wife had to return more than 8 million euros of gifts for them.


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