Here’s One Of The World’s Highest Paid Model, Ethiopian- Born Liya Kebede


Liya Kebede decides to debunk the belief that once you earn big in your line of career, then you must have a luxurious life. Depicting affluence must never be how to show success.

Liya takes fans through her three bedroom simple apartment..

With an eye for fine things, her home is filled with tribal shapes complemented with vintage and avant-garde art works..

Image result for ethiopian born highest paid model in the world

Image result for ethiopian born highest paid model in the world


She acknowledges her African cultural heritage throughout her home, she places distinctive Ethiopian crosses and framed family photos. Seen here is that of Kassy with Suhul as an infant.


Her living area oozes warmth with oversized couches, ample cushions, sconces and candles making it truly inviting.


Hang on the walls and placed on tables and shelves throughout her space are photos of her loved ones.


Her kitchen is kept bright with fresh flowers and bowls of fruits against the white wall palette.


Her collection of designer handbags hangs artistically on a neutral wall and her walk-in closet displays her neatly folded T-shirts and hang clothes.


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