Here’s North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un’ Reaction to Donald Trump’s Birthday Message

Relations between the United States and North Korea on the principle of denuclearization are a bit tense. Despite this fact, US President Donald Trump was kind enough to send a card to North Korean President Kim Jong-Un on his birthday.

“Happy birthday, Chairman”. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap News, Donald Trump sent Kim Jong Un a message for his 38th birthday on January 8. He handed it over to Chung Eui-yong, director of the South Korean National Security Bureau, who has just spent three days in the United States on official business. “All I know is that the message was delivered to North Korea appropriately yesterday,” he said, adding that President Moon Jae-In had also sent a message to the dictator north Korean. He did not specify whether a gift accompanied these wishes, from a US president who expected to receive “a beautiful vase” as a Christmas gift promised by Kim Jong Un, “instead of a shot of missiles “as it was feared.

This delicate attention would have pleased Kim Jong-Un, “but it does not change the reports of the two countries on the principle of denuclearization” , according to the intervention of the adviser of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Kim Kye Gwan  quoted by the official  KCNA agency .


Donald Trump and Kim Jong – Un had met three times for special summits between the two men. Three Trump-Kim summits that ended in complete deadlock

The young North Korean leader wants to lay down his conditions before the resumption of talks with the United States on his nuclear program. This is apparent from the intervention of the adviser to the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kim Kye Gwan quoted by the official agency KCNA.

On January 1, North Korea announced that the moratorium the country had agreed to grant on nuclear tests and on intercontinental ballistic missile tests had come to an end. So it promises a “staggering” action against the United States which, as we know, are within the missile range of the most closed country in the world. North Korea has demonstrated this time and time again through nuclear and ballistic missile tests to which we have become accustomed in recent years.

Kim Jong – Un demands total satisfaction of points raised during Trump-Kim summits

The country of Kim Jong-Un is now said to be free to continue its nuclear program, even if, according to words by its president in 2018, Korea no longer needs to carry out the tests that we have often witnessed these last years. His missiles are already capable of reaching the whole of American territory, which is not to reassure American citizens as Kim Jong-Un’s mood is changeable and difficult. As evidenced by the successive failures of the last three meetings between the presidents of the two countries.


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