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Here’s How to Delete Multiple Android Contacts at the Same Time

Instead of labouring to delete phone contacts one after the other, you can actually do a “bulk delete.” Here are the steps:

*Navigate to the “Contacts” or “People” menu. Once you reach the “Contacts” list, press the “menu” button (the three vertical dots in top-right or bottom-right of the phone) to pull up an action menu with options like “Backup”, “Delete”, “Import/Export”, “Accounts”, and “Speed dial setting”. Click “delete”. You should see an unchecked box next to each of the contacts.

*Find the contacts that you want to delete. Scroll through the “Contacts” list and look for the contact names. The list is usually organized alphabetically. Most contacts allow you to include a person’s mobile, home, and work numbers, as well as email addresses and other information. Make sure, however, that you haven’t saved a person’s various numbers and emails under several different “contacts


*Press the box next to each contact that you want to delete. When you press the box, a check-mark should appear next to the contact. Any contact with a check-mark to its right is in the queue for deletion. If you accidentally select the wrong contact, you can click again in the same place to deselect.

*Delete. When you have selected all the contacts that you want to delete, click the “Delete” button. This should be in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, above the listed contacts. You will only be able to click the “Delete” button if you have contacts selected.

*Press “OK” to delete for good. You will be prompted to confirm your decision with buttons reading “OK” and “Cancel”. Press “Cancel” if you want to return to the “Contacts” list (with all of the appropriate contacts still selected). Either deselect a contact or select more. Once you press “OK”, the selected contacts are gone.



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