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Here’s 5 Kinds Of Employers All Job Seekers Must Avoid

While most employers take their time to study the professional and personal qualities of prospective employees in order to get the very best, most job seekers do just little to find out if the company they are applying to really have what it takes to have them on their team. The truth is; you don’t just respond to any kind of job advert. The reason; you need as much assurance like the employer does, that your time and energy is appreciated and rewarded and your career growth won’t be impaired.

So what are the kinds of employers you must avoid in your pursuit of job? Let us look at 6 of such employers.

1. The Rigid employer

This employer resists change, can’t think outside the box and is often not open to new ideas. You career growth will be stunted if you find yourself in the hands of this kind of employer. He is most likely not going to be open to using new techniques to facilitate the work processes, because to him, “We always have to do it the way it has always been done.” “There is no need changing the ancient landmarks.” You need an employer that not only has an open door policy, but one with open mind policy. That way you can be certain of being exposed to new ways and techniques of doing the things you do.

2. The employer who has no written organizational vision, mission and termly goals

How will you measure growth, achievement and targets if there are no visions/mission statements and goals? These are the values that inspire employees to run with the organisation. So if a prospective employer has none of these, then it might be a sign that this company does not know where it is going and is most likely not the right one for you. I’m sure you don’t want a career cruise. You have to move with people with clear cut vision and direction.


3. The employer who has no reward plan for outstanding services

While salaries are good, most companies have set in place a reward system that acknowledges and appreciates outstanding performance in a month, during the quarter and then at the annual review of the company. These reward systems breed competition amongst employees and helps to bring out the best in them. But where there are no such reward systems other than the monthly salaries, then a prospective employee may not be motivated to go the extra mile to achieve targets and goals. But as someone who desires to go all the way in your career, you should seek to work where your talents and skills will be most challenged and encouraged and of course rewarded.

4. The employer whose company has no market advantage

If you find yourself in a company where they have no market edge, you may soon find yourself out of job. You need some level of job security, therefore you need to know how well a company is doing in the marketplace before you join them. Do you research on the company, find out what market share they control and how well they are accepted to the buying public. Applying to this company and being invited for interview, have you heard about them before? Does their name ring any bell? Do they have an appreciable market followership?

5. Employers that care less about staff well-being

You might have heard of staff of some companies who collapsed because of overwork. I’m sure you don’t want to be the next. The truth is; some employers are much too concerned about their work than their workers. They forget that their primary customers (the employees) are as important as their secondary customers (clients), if not more important. If you find yourself working for/with such employer, you need to think twice, or else your future plans might be sliced.


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